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Circuit Festival Returns to Miami This Thanksgiving Weekend!



Featuring 5 massive night and 3 daytime events, including a Steamy Beach Party on the Sands of South Beach

Circuit Festival, the world’s biggest international gay event, returns to Miami this Thanksgiving weekend.  Beginning November 28th, thousands of men from around the globe will flock to the sun-drenched shores of South Beach for Circuit Festival Miami,a massive five night, four day spectacular. Produced by Luis Morera, Billy Kemp and Hilton Wolman, the men behind the popular Miami party brand URGE, the gaiety begins Thanksgiving night with an over-the-top opening party at CAMEO.  Then on Friday night Circuit Festival takes over America’s #1 nightclub, SPACE, in downtown Miami.  The weekend continues Saturday and Sunday inside the massive MAGIC CITY STUDIOS in the heart of Miami.   The list of talent for Circuit Festival Miami is incredible, with some of the heaviest hitters from the world’s biggest festivals, flying into Miami for the weekend events. 

They include Abel (Aguilera) Isaac Escalante, Taito Tikaro, Tom Stephan, GSP, Lydia Sanz, Ivan Gomez, Nacho Chapado, Ed Wood, Rick Braile and more.  And, of course, there is the weekend show-stopping beach event!  This year’s La Leche Beach Party will be bigger and more impressive than ever before with a new location on the sand, a top of the line sound and lighting system, an incredible stage with 20+ dancers and music by DJs Phil Romano and Dan Slater.  Plus a secret, surprise, live performance!  Tickets for Circuit Festival Miami are available now on their website.

“We are thrilled to bring the world’s biggest international gay event back to Miami,” says Luis Morera.   Circuit Festival – also known as Circuit Festival Barcelona – is Europe’s largest gay festival.  Since 2008, it has been held annually in Barcelona. “We are billing this year’s event as the ultimate holiday destination for the LGBTQ party community and emphasizing love and unity.” 

In addition to uniting festivals lovers with their favorite circuit DJs and performers, Circuit Festival Miami is working to support the Miami economy, driving tourists into local businesses by offering discounts on all sorts of merchandise from stores, restaurants, and gyms.  “It’s a beautiful exchange,” explains Hilton Wolman, a longtime South Florida resident.  “We want to make sure that Circuit Festival Miami is contributing directly to our beautiful city and that we are leaving a good and lasting impression.”

Circuit Festival Miami is even scheduling a beach clean-up so that they leave the sands as clean as they were before the weekend parties.

Through their URGE party brand, Wolman, Morera and Kemp have hosted recent festivals in Ibiza, Mykonos, Cartagena, Playa Del Carmen, Bogota and San Juan, but when it comes to producing parties stateside, all agree that no place compares to Miami.  “The weather is incomparable to any city in the USA, especially in November,” says Kemp.

A portion of the proceeds from Circuit Festival Miami will benefit Miami Beach Pride, a not-for-profit organization that works to unite members of the LGBTQ community by celebrating the unique spirit and culture of its people.

This year’s host hotel is The DREAM on South Beach, part of the prestigious Dream Hotel Group.  They are currently offering specially negotiated rates starting at just $146/night.

Circuit Festival Miami tickets available  Savings of up to 40% on full weekend pass are available now, while supplies last.

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