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Exclusive Interview with Maya Simantov for Distrkt C Pride in DC



Maya Simantov is a prominent singer, songwriter and composer,working in the Dance and house music scene for over a decade. She is known for her hits “Everybody Needs a Man”, “Let Me Live”, “Alone”, “Be My Boyfriend”, “First Time” and many more, and has written songs for recording artists such as Dana International, Rita and Sarit Hadad.

What producers do you want to work with? 
I think I am working already with my dream producer Offer Nissim and other then that maybe would like to work with some great r&b producers sometime in the future .

Can you describe your ideal live event. Location, production and artist line up?  
You might think big  locations and huge venues are more exciting for an artist but sometimes a more intimate place where you have a direct connection with the audience is what’s more exciting , still it’s the people who make the energy not the place

Do you have a secret weapon you use as an recording artist? 
I actually record myself. I write and compose my own songs so I have a control of how I want it to sound and know what fits me and what doesn’t. Writing for myself has helped me express who I am as an artist and bring my vision and massage and it’s a powerful thing to hear people connect to your songs and sing along with you. 

What’s next?
I think more of the same.. traveling the world performing and continuing writing and recording . This year I get to come to Washington DC for the first time for pride. I dont take it for granted that I get to come and sing for people I live so far away from as I come from Israel. But it’s only one example of how music makes impossible things happen and connects souls from all over the world .

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