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Must-Have Mobile Apps For The Gay Traveler



Here is a list of my favorite apps that I use while traveling.

Preparing for a trip can be very frustrating from the moment you book the flight/car/train to the day you have to pack your things and start your trip. Here are my essential travel apps for gay travelers. Some of them are not gay, but they are reliable to get you around, book hotels or tickets, network and enjoy your destination. Check back soon as I will update this list often.


A travel search engine. It scans other travel websites, including airlines. You will find the best prices on airfares and hotels. One of the best features is their price alert. Available in more than 20 languages and over 30 countries.WEBSITEAPP STOREGOOGLE PLAY


This digital music service allows you to play just about any song — either with a subscription or free! You can also save the songs and play when offline. Perfect to listen music on the road.WEBSITEAPP STOREGOOGLE PLAY


Destination advice. I usually look here before booking any hotels or to get ideas of what to do! The reviews are pretty much legit.WEBSITEAPP STOREGOOGLE PLAY


A really cool and well designed app to keep track of places you have visited. It’s FREE, and you will get motivated to keep exploring many other places!WEBSITEAPP STOREGOOGLE PLAY


This website lists just about all the gay venues in the world. They also have a social network, and people give recommendations of places too. The app is old and not very user friendly, but essential.WEBSITEAPP STOREGOOGLE PLAY


This is the Airbnb for Gay people. If it matters to you that your host is gay, or at least gay friendly, then this app is for you.WEBSITEAPP STOREGOOGLE PLAY


A gay app to discover places around the world. With GPS enabled, you can see events around you.WEBSITEAPP STORE


The best app to get around in any city where its available. Taxis can be expensive, or they don’t have a clue where are you going, or perhaps you can’t communicate in the local language. As long as you have data enabled (check back for advice on avoiding huge roaming charges), Uber can be a lifesaver when traveling. Select your pick-up location (usually where you’re currently standing) and enter your destination or search for it. The drivers are usually very friendly and will often offer water, candy and, in many cases, a cable to charge your phone. Not only that, it will usually cost significantly less than a taxi.

If you are not an Uber user yet, click my website link to get a FREE ride with my invite code.WEBSITE


Use this app to meet or chat with gay people — literally sometimes 0 feet away. It’s the best way to find up-to-date recommendations of what to do or where to go and meet some new friends in a new city!WEBSITEAPP STOREGOOGLE PLAY


This is the most popular website for people to list, find and rent apartments for a night, a week or month. It’s usually cheaper than a hotel. You can find some pretty places in perfect areas when you travel, some even with ocean views. So simple to check in with the host and check out. It’s flexible and safe.

Use my referral link to get some free travel credits! 🙂WEBSITE

Google Translate.

A life safer to communicate when you don’t speak the local language. You can copy full sentences if you are texting, or have it do the speaking for you.WEBSITEAPP STOREGOOGLE PLAY

VPN Shield 2.

To access content that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to in the country you are visiting, this app can work wonders. I use this to watch Netflix/Amazon Prime, which I subscribe to back in the U.S. and which aren’t fully available outside the States. With this app, you can select a country (say, United States) and your IP address will appear to be from that country, so you can access the content. It also hides your IP address.WEBSITE



Web and graphic designer. I work from wherever life takes me, which happens to be all over the world. I love exploring, cultures and nightlife.

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